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That’s Andy’s unorganized dance

Looks pretty organized to me lol

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Jul 9

Sly and serious, and occasionally drastic, the SNL viewers’ night is filled up with the charms of Shinhwa. (x)

Seriously though, some of my fave SNL moments with Shinhwa ♡

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Jul 9

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Jul 9

Faces of Kim Dongwan: 13/20

Happy Anniversary Hedwig! I am very thankful for Dengwig ♡

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Jul 6


[Download] Kim Dongwan 1st Solo Album - Kim Dongwan is… Album scans | © Egotism
32 scans in total. Download here. :) Password: 070705

To make up for the previous post keke

Jul 6

[1999] Yo!_Kim Dong Wan


The abs in the last pic make up for the “lack” of make up on his face.

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Jul 6

Reasons why we’ve always loved Andy ^^

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such cuties <3

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So cute, the insoles fight xD

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Dongwan in the waiting room

One of my fav Shinhwa interviews

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Doesn’t he look just like he did in the early days?

ShinCom FB update (140613):

The wedding day of a member of the ShinCom family~

Carefully going through the script are double MCs Minwoo and Hyesung

Congratulations on your wedding!!!!

How cool!

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